Local tech company moves to downtown Chico

Feb 6, 2014 6:01 PM

Ben T. Smith has helped open dozens of startups and says there's a correlation between a business' success and its location.

“I’ve done downtown Mountain View, downtown Los Gatos downtown, downtown Palo Alto,” he said. “And all those experiences have turned out a lot better for me than when people put things out in suburban commercial malls.”

Smith is the CEO of Wanderful Media which recently opened its new location on 3rd and Broadway Streets. And now this local tech company is trying to change the culture of downtown Chico.

“It was a great place to be,” Smith said of downtown Chico. “But there were not a lot of reasons to be down here other than frankly the bars.”

Located just a few hundred feet from Chico State University, Wanderful Media has a big pool of talented recruits to choose from--but not much competition from other tech companies.

“If you can grab a set of people, you can have a chance to train them and keep them for a longtime and give them a place they really want to be,” Smith said. “They’ll have an impact.”

Thomas Schmidt is a Chico State graduate that was hired by Wanderful Media about a year ago and he's pretty impressed with the new digs.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said the software developer. ”I think being downtown, we have so many people walk by and try to come in and just want to find out who we are.”


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