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Aug 13, 2014 12:11 AM by Jason Atcho

The death of Robin Williams has been a wakeup call for many. It shows that anyone can be suffering from depression. "I think the biggest issue that people who are struggling with mental health issues is the stigma that they feel that other people are judging them and that's just not the case," explained Dorian Kittrell, Director of Behavioral Health in Butte County.

With the proper help and treatment, those with suicidal thoughts can be saved. "Mental illness is very treatable and it just takes having someone to listen to and medications if they're appropriate," said Kittrell.

Seeking treatment is the first step. Enloe Medical Center in Chico has a very unique program. "We are the only voluntary psychiatric facility in the North State. We are able to run a very therapeutic program because everyone that's here really is ready to get better," said Jocelyn Beauregard, Lead Social Worker for Enloe Behavioral Health.

Some warning signs include giving away valued possessions, withdrawing from family and friends, a pattern of substance abuse, and sudden calmness or loss of interest in hobbies. Whether the cause of depression is situational or a chemical imbalance, it's nice to have someone to talk to. "If someone talks about suicide, it's really okay. They're probably waiting for you to say 'are you really actually talking about killing yourself? Is that a possibility?' It's a relief for them if they can actually talk about it," said Kittrell.

Those who got help found themselves back on the right track. "They thought they'd kind of go through the motions and really had plans to go home and kill themselves anyway, and then let us know at the end that they changed their mind and they decided that they had reasons to live and wanted to get better," said Beauregard.

There are lots of resources out there ranging from hotlines and texting for teens, to friendship lines for older adults. Here are a few.


Enloe Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Crisis Line 24/7 (If you're in a crisis or want to report a crisis)

Warm Line 4:30-9:30pm 7 days a week (Non-Crisis... For all ages who just need someone to talk to)

Friendship Line - Older Adults


National Suicide Prevention 24/7

The Alex Project 24/7
Text ANSWER to 839863


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