Local soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe hosts clinic in Redding

May 23, 2016 2:42 AM by Ross Field

It's no surprise the 2016 Rapinoe Soccer Clinic filled up in a hurry.

When Jared Wall from Rocklin found out he got one of the 200 spots, he was pumped.

"My family went to see the World Cup Final last season and the U.S. won so I thought it would be really interesting to see her, said Wall. "She is really cool."

Wall and the kids ran through drills and practiced shooting on the same field where the 30-year-old midfielder got her start years ago, the Redding Soccer Park, a place that recently changed its address to 15 Rapinoe Way.

"I'm so honored, that's totally cool. They even gave me my own little replica sign and I'll be hanging that up," Rapinoe said. "Being so proud to be from Redding and all the success that I've had and to be able to give some of that back, I just love doing this."

She's not doing 'this' alone. Megan's twin sister Rachel is a big part of the Rapinoe Soccer Clinic's and Rachel says on top of the instructional drills, they try to pass along a very important message to the kids.

"Our mission is to instill the philosophy to be the best you. We're not trying to tell the kids to be the best because not everyone is going to be the best, but if you're being the best you then you're doing a great job," said Rachel Rapinoe.

While hanging with the Rapinoe twins is amazing in of itself, the kids say the fact that Megan is from the Redding area and made it to the top is the inspirational icing on the cake.

"It inspires me a lot because it shows that she kept on trying and she didn't give up on anything. I wish I could be like her when I grow up," said Elle Quinn.


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