Local School Districts Get A Helping Hand From The Federal Government

Sep 13, 2010 7:59 PM

"We're always excited about receiving money and particularly from the federal government" said Orland School District Superintendent Chris Vonkleist. The Orland Unified School District will soon be getting just that. Funding is now on it's way from the federal government to the tune of more than 400,000 dollars as part of the governments 'Education Jobs Funding'. The government will be allocating 1.2 billion dollars to California Schools in an effort to relieve massive cuts. "We're going to be using the money to maintain teaching jobs and to restore positions that have been reduced" said Vonkleist.
The funding is a one time allotment to schools and may not be used as a 'rainy day fund' or used towards existing debt. The money must go to programs which will directly benefit students such as hiring teachers or reinstating student programs as well as adding on new ones. "That's the first place we're going to look with this restoration money" Vonkleist explained. And most parents seem to agree. "The money should be used towards reinstating some of the teachers that were let go and also hiring some more teachers so that way there are more teachers for the students that are in the classroom" said Orland resident and parent Tanisha Wagner. Lucinda Farias added "To get more aids or more teachers or even more classrooms built on would help".
Orland Unified School District currently employs 110 teachers in it's seven schools. It hopes to hire back the remaining teachers that were laid off during budget cuts as well as increase funding towards a counseling program.


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