Local reusable plastic bag company gains attention

May 16, 2014 6:44 PM

A North State company is trying to change the way you shop one bag at a time.

Roplast Industries Inc. in Oroville has made reusable plastic bags for more than two decades. And with Chico recently moving forward an ordinance to regulate single use plastic bags, this company is receiving a lot of attention lately.

“At this point with all the bag ordinances sand regulations that’s coming it’s finally come to fruition for us,” Roxanne Vaughan, Roplast Industries Inc.director of sales. “We've never produced a single use t-shirt bag.”

All the bags Roplast does produce, however, are made of 100 percent recycled materials. And all the work is done locally.

One local business that has started using Roplast-made bags is the Chico Natural Foods Co-Op.

“These are reuse options, they're made locally and they're made from recycled material,” said Brionne Saseen, Chico Natural Foods Co-Op facilities & sustainability manager. “It was just a better fit to match our values and to meet our needs.”

Since Roplast reusable bags became an option at the Chico Co-Op, the store has seen almost a 30 percent decrease in overall bag use.


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