Local Restaurants React to New State "Glove" Law

Jan 17, 2014 6:57 PM

New state code means workers in California restaurants and bars will have to wear gloves while working with ready-to-eat foods.

That means anything that won't be cooked or heated, or food to plate. This includes bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, and even ice and drinks at bars.

Jimmy Lee owns Aonomi Sushi in Chico. He was surprised by the law and doesn't really see a need for it.

“I think the biggest effect on us is making sushi,” Lee said. “We're serving so many tables; rolling out so much sushi…it's going to slow us down.”

Anything that will be cooked or re-heated, like pizzas, for instance, can be touched.

The law is expected to be a slow roll-out, with health officials serving warnings during the first few months.


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