Local Realty Company honored for commitment to community

May 13, 2016 1:35 PM by News Staff

The Jesus Center in Chico serves the homeless and others who need a helping hand.

It was the Jesus Center itself that received a helping hand from a local real estate office.

This week's installment in our Hello Humankindness series in partnership with Dignity Health of Northern California.

Keller Williams Realty sells more homes than any other real estate office in the area but on this day they had a different mission.

"Part of our responsibility is to give back to the community that we serve and that helps us make a living," said Marc Wilson, compliance director with Keller Williams Realty.

Giving back is what the Jesus Center does every day and they were glad to receive assistance from a local company.

"Whenever a group from the community at large comes it reminds me that this is a place that belongs to everybody," said Laura Cootsona, executive director of the Jesus Center.

Every year since 2009, the Keller Williams office in Chico has participated in Red Day, a day of community service and team building.

"We get to spend a day together, not doing business, but helping out our community, working side by side with one another, getting dirty," said JoAnne Madlung, team leader of a Keller Williams Red Day volunteer team.

And get dirty, they did; painting walls, stripping floors in the dining room and resource center and even pressure washing the sidewalks in front of the building.

"That's why this was a good match for us, there's lots to do, there's plenty of work to be done," Wilson said.

And the 65 or so workers took to the task with a vengeance, creating a buzz of activity all over the building.

“Everybody lends a hand and really rolls up their sleeves and gets to work, it's a good day," Madlung said.

"Making it look a little nicer makes that invitation of hope and new beginnings that much more visual," Cootsona.

a fresh new look for the Jesus Center and it's all being done in one day by a crew of volunteers whose hearts are in the right place.

"To hang out with them in some other atmosphere other than dealing with the day to day complexities of our business is great," Wilson said.

"They are caring, they are passionate, they work hard, and they are just wonderful, wonderful people," Madlung said.

Making a difference in their community makes the Keller Williams Realty Office in Chico this week's Hello Humankindness nominee.

If you know anyone or any group deserving to be nominated for their acts of human kindness, go to our website to make the nomination!


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