Local Race Car Breaks World Record

Oct 12, 2010 7:05 PM

"Really the ultimate goal in racing these vintage style roadsters is to go 300 miles an hour since no one had ever done it before" said co-builder of the race car, John Beck. No one until now. Pro Machine owner and race car builder John Beck alongside co-builder and race car driver David Davidson broke a world record Saturday at the World Final Bonneville Race in Utah. Their 1934 Ford Roadster hit 304 miles per hour, shattering the old record by 23 miles per hour. "It was an amazing accomplishment for our whole crew, as an engine builder you couldn't ask for more than to watch this car go down the race track" explained Beck.
Beck and davidson are both vintage car builders and work from their Chico based shop Vintage Hot Rod. Despite the car's vintage look, there is really nothing 1934 about it. The car carries a 494 cubic inch engine and puts out an astounding 5,000 horse power. This car isn't cheap either, the engine is worth up to 70-thousand dollars and runs off nitro-methane. It uses 25-gallons of fuel just to race 3 miles and requires a new set of back tires every 6 miles. "It all adds up pretty fast, but you got to have a hobby right?"
It's an amazing triumph that the roadster hit speeds higher than 300 miles per hour, but even more so that it did it in just a three mile race. Very few have driven at speeds over 300 miles per hour, those who have say the feeling is unbelievable. "You let the car do whatever it wants to do, you just try to keep it within the parameters" said race car driver David Davidson. And when asked why he dares to drive at such high speeds, Davidson only has one answer, "I just do it because I like to go fast" Davidson said.


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