Local pot dispensary says more industry regulation is needed

Jul 30, 2014 8:22 PM by Charlene Cheng

Jamie Kerr runs 530 Collective, a medical marijuana dispensary in the city of Shasta Lake.

She says the recent raid of a Redding storefront shines light on a larger issue.

"I think we need statewide regulation, because I don't feel that it's fair for a local governing body, either a board of supervisors or a city council to be tasked with regulating an industry," Kerr said.

She adds that as long as regulation is so disjointed, all businesses in the industry will suffer.

"What is challenging on a day-to-day basis is what's changing in the law all the time, I mean the federal government has been notorious for saying, 'Well this is the policy today,' and then two months down the road, the policy is something different and changing their mind in a complete 180 degree reversal," Kerr said.

Shasta Lake is the only city in Shasta County where dispensaries are legal, but still, there's only two businesses in town.

"Because the city, when they crafted their ordinance, put in very specific language as far as the zones that the dispensaries can be in, specific distances from sensitive areas like parks and schools, and ever from each other, and so by the time that all works out, there's no other locations left for another dispensary in the city of Shasta Lake," Kerr explained.

For now, the 530 Collective feels lucky just to be running.

"It could happen at any time. Just because we exist today, doesn't mean the city of Shasta Lake will allow that indefinitely," Kerr said.


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