Local Marines and Butte County Cal Fire Join Forces for 'Toys For Tots'

Dec 11, 2010 7:57 PM

Butte County Cal Firefighter Jim Martin says, "It's about the joy of gifts, giving, and magic. So that's what we're trying to do."

U.S. Marine Corp and Butte County Cal Fire members joined forces today for needy children in Butte and Glenn County. Its all part of their effort to help local children receive toys for Christmas. U.S. Marine Corp Private Charles Sulins says, "I think it's great because there's a lot of struggling families out here and it's just a good opportunity for them."

Toys for Tots in Butte and Glenn County serves roughly 750 families every holiday season. With the primary goal of marines raising toys for children during the holidays. Drives like the one in Chico are what keep this organization going and gives all the volunteers a great sense of accomplishment. Jim says, "We get a great sense of reward for doing it. Many of us that's why we got into the fire service anyway. We like to give to the community and this is a wonderful way to do it."

All fire fighters and marines that took part in Saturday's drive volunteered their time. Chico Toys for Tots donor Autumn Kleinert says she loves seeing these two organizations working together for a great cause. Autumn says, "I think it's great because they give so much all the time during the year and they come out during Christmas time and give even more."


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