Local insurance company putting the "health" in health insurance

Oct 27, 2015 12:09 PM by Alyssa Deitsch

Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services is doing more than selling health, its employees are living it.

The company's CEO, John Sweeney, recently purchased Fitbits for his employees and signed them up for a 12-week training program at Whole Body Fitness.

"If we’re going to go out and sell wellness plans to our clients-- let’s do it ourselves," Sweeney said on implementing the wellness program.

To date Team Sweeney has lost more than 35 pounds. But Sweeney says the biggest results he's seen is in their productivity and energy levels around the office.

In addition to training two days a week with their trainer, Matthew Sylvester, Team Sweeney has full access to the gym’s group classes and evaluation-based fitness strategy, developed by Whole Body Fitness owner Angelo Poli, which includes metabolic-profiling to individualize each person’s meal plan, and assess their posture alignment and balance to personalize their unique fitness needs.

Jamie Criss, a Sweeney & Sweeney employee, says this wellness program makes her feel appreciated at work.

“It’s really fun to have that relationship with our boss who is here motivating us and we’re motivating him,” Criss said. “So I feel like we’re really close as a team.”


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