Local Holiday Shopping

Dec 22, 2011 7:21 PM

For those last minute holiday shoppers, the rush of finding exactly what you're looking for, can be stressful. But many north state residents say that can all be avoided, by shopping local. Sacramento resident Valerie Buell says, "Local people just always have interesting things. It's different than what we're going to find at Target or Walmart." Chico resident Craig Cassetta says, "I think we have the best selection in the area anyway, so not much need to buy from anywhere else."

Many downtown Chico business owners say the week before Christmas is their busiest time all year. Urban Laundry Owner Cory Campos says, "The last two weeks have been slammed, so it's been great." Powell's Sweet Shoppe Owner Nancy Carlson says, "Leading up to this week it's been up, so it's a good year."

Made in Chico and Urban Laundry owners, say this year has been much busier, than years past. And they attribute that to the improving economy and their unique inventory. Made in Chico Sales Clerk Chris Campfield says, "All Chico items. Things that say Chico, foods made in Chico, pictures of Chico. Anything to let people know how much we love our town." Campos says, "Toms shoes have been a big hit, juicy couture, true religion, some of the other brands that you just can't find at the mall."

And if you're looking for a sweet for the children or child at heart, Powell's Sweet Shoppe is sure to have absolutely everything you're looking for. "We just have all the old fashioned toys and candy people like, because you just don't see it anywhere, so that just flies out the door," says Carlson.

And by shopping local, you're not only getting a unique gift, you are also giving back to your local economy. Campfield says, "Keeping your money here, keeping your money in town.. It goes back to the community, supports our artists and keeps the town thriving."


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