Local Family Fights For Child

Jun 13, 2010 8:38 PM

Chico's one mile park was the setting for a battle of the minds. Family and friends are working to get a little boy back to his mother. 15 month old Jacob Perry has a cleft palate and Child Protective Services took him away when he was just 13 days old because of what CPS called "failure to thrive." However, Dorothy Perry, who is mentally challenged, says she was working to get treatment for her child. She planned to care for Jacob with the help of her parents. Now they are constantly in and out of the courtroom. The child's grandfather, Al Perry, is trying to help get his daughter's child back. "We're fighting a never ending battle."

What they want is change. They also want to share their story, hoping to hear from others who have had similar problems. "I'm hoping that, to get legislation passed where it forces CPS to work along with the disabled, not against them." The legislation he is talking about is similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, it prohibits CPS from discriminating against disabled people. Supporters think it would help families like the Perrys. "New legislation will protect parents with disabilities and it will protect children and it will preserve families."

Perry plans to hold another meeting next month in Bidwell Park. The meeting is planned for Sunday July 11th from one to three at the picnic tables in one mile. We did attempt to contact Child Protective Services in Butte County and no one was available for comment. The child remains in foster care.


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