Local equine sanctuary struggles to feed rescued animals

Mar 28, 2014 6:51 PM

The horses at Home at Last Equine Sanctuary in Yankee Hill eat, well, like horses.

“We feed them 10 bales of hay a day,” said sanctuary owner Donna Kyle.

But this year's record-setting drought has driven up the price of feed and has made it nearly impossible to feed them.

“It cost us an average of between $1500-1800 a year per horse,” Kyle said.

The Kyle's brought in their first rescue in 2004 and have taken in more than 250 other animals since.

And while this may be a labor of love it is very costly. Just to feed these horses it takes about four grand a month--half of which comes from donations and the other half comes from out of the couple's retirement fund.

“Right now the cost is $11 a bale,” Kyle said. “And with the drought, we have no idea what he cost will be.”

And if this sanctuary doesn’t get more funding soon, horses there could be in big trouble.

“It’s important for the animals that we get some more support, some more help in taking care of them,” Kyle said. “It’s very important for us, but for them, it’s life and death.”

To find out how to donate, visit www.halsanctuary.org.


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