Local Earthquake Readiness

Mar 11, 2011 7:43 PM

Chico Fire Chief Jim Beery says, "Our folks are well trained, they're ready to respond, they're capable of doing so." Chico's city officials, police and fire, work together all year long to be prepared for any emergency.

Every 5 years the plans get updated to ensure they're accurate and efficient. But surprisingly the action taken for many different natural disasters, is about the same. "The task maybe a little different, but the management of any incident is relatively the same," Jim says.

On top of the city's plans, chief Beery also recommends individually being prepared ahead of time, by having an emergency kit that will supply a 72 hour period.

Experts say instead of a doorway.. the safest way to protect yourself during an earthquake is to use the duck and cover method. By getting under a desk and putting your hands over your head..

Chico State officials say they have a plan as well. And one of their main concerns is notifying all students in the event of an emergency. The university has recently added an external P.A. system throughout the school. But for those not on campus there are other methods. Chico State Police Chief Eric Reichel says, "Through email, text, texting, voice messaging, we have a website we can put information."

Experts estimate the largest earthquake Chico might see is a 7.0 although very unlikely. Structurally the city of Chico is sound. Most buildings have been built with strict earthquake regulations in mind, which includes Chico State and Enloe Medical Center.

But Enloe Emergency Preparedness Manager, Bob Kiuttu says they would be less concerned about structural failure. "We're concerned about patient and staff safety. And to make sure that we're able to continue providing the service that the hospital is needed for."


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