Local Driving Instructor Gives Safety Tips

Nov 1, 2013 6:14 PM

It was a rough week on Butte County roadways; four deaths in four days.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed the Butte County total is now 14 deaths so far this year.

CHP also said texting and driving may have been involved in the double fatal accident on Highway 70 Thursday.

Thursday's accident also involved that classic case of "over-correcting"

It's what local driving instructor Don Hutcheson calls the "oh-my-god moment"

“It's that initial adrenaline rush. Normally, if a person just went off the road, they would hit a paddle marker, gravel, even a chain fence and not get hurt,” said local driving instructor Mark Hutcheson.

CHP said Friday's accident on Highway 99 is still under investigation, but it appears the victim blew a stop sign.

Hutcheson says beware of the "no-zone" around big-rigs.

“There's the no-zone. [There are] absolutely so many blind areas around the vehicle that you could sit there and they have no idea you're there,” Hutcheson said.

And as for the game of passing, CHP said it's not a game: be patient. Passing is not going to be worth it.

But if you must, Hutcheson said don't linger.

“I recommend staying back, building up your speed, and when you see an opening, go around quickly and get back in your lane.”


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