Local comic book shops see boost in customers from popular superhero movies

Apr 2, 2014 9:06 AM

While summertime is well known for big blockbuster releases, it seems that one genre has been fairly consistent in producing hit after hit. Companies like Marvel and DC have been raking in the bucks when it comes to superhero movies, and this summer is no exception. Friday will kick things off with the release of the much anticipated Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier. Beverly Kranz, owner of Collector's Ink in Chico, pointed out the fact that movie studios are now planning their films years in advance to tie the characters and storylines within the comic book universes together.

"This story (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is one that's a real fan favorite. It was done by a really good writer and it's well established. From what I've seen they're going to be sticking really close to the story," says Kranz.

The return of Captain America is only the beginning. Following close behind are The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past in May. It's not just movie theaters that are benefiting from the heroic hits. Local comic book shops are seeing a surge in customers and new readers. Bat Comics owner Trent Walsh says the movies are also bringing in people who are returning to the hobby.

"They see the movie and go, 'Oh wow. That was really cool,' and they get back into it," he says.

"It creates a lot of excitement for people that maybe hadn't thought about comics for a while or forgotten that they really enjoy it," says Kranz.

For the true fans, it's all about seeing the characters they love reading about come to life on the big screen. Thomas Martinez has been reading and collecting comics for the past 3 years. He says he loves seeing the heroes translated from the books to the movies because the technology is now there to create the stunning action sequences that were previously hard to do.

"Special effects can now take comic book stories and push them to another level," he says.

Movie studios are also tieing their releases in with big events in the comic world. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will come out on May 2nd, the day before Free Comic Book Day, which is just another reason to get more people reading.

"The last several years have been the best readership for comic books in quite a few years," says Walsh.

"There will be times where I read 3 or 4 a night just because I can't put them down," says Martinez.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier earned roughly $75 million in its international release last week.


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