Local club donates prom dresses

Apr 8, 2014 1:13 AM

Some lucky high school girls in Oroville got to go dress shopping Monday evening and all the dresses were free. The Quota Club has been helping with community projects in the Oroville area for the past three years. When they got a call from both Oroville and Las Plumas High Schools, they knew they needed to do something to help. "About two months ago, we decided that we wanted to do a prom dress drive because the high schools told us that some of the girls needed dresses and so we thought we could collect dresses and put on kind of a little boutique for the girls," explains Kiki Silva of the Quota Club.

In just over a month, the club collected dresses, shoes, jewelry and bags for the girls. "I was kind of concerned when we first decided to do it and we probably have like 85 to 90 dresses here. Many with tags on them that were all donated," said Claudette McCarthy, Treasurer of the Quota Club.

The club posted an ad on Craig’s List and many people wanted to donate. Some even mailed the dresses to them from out of the area. Those who helped say they wanted to contribute to such a good cause. "’The dress has been sitting in our closet. It was such a good memory we can't part with it’, but when they see it's going to go to somebody else to have that memory that's when they were able to part with that dress," explained McCarthy.

Some of the girls that showed up said they felt comfortable finding that perfect dress and welcomed the help from the Quota Club. "It was nice seeing familiar faces around so you weren't by yourself thinking that you're the only one that's doing this," said Kaelie Steele, a junior at Oroville High School. Rachelle Cervantes, a junior at Las Plumas High School added "we're kids and we don't have a lot of money and when we do, we usually spend it really fast. So it just helps us. It's a lot easier on our parents and everything."

The club is planning another event on Monday, April 21st at Coffee Diem at 6:30 PM and they're hoping for more donations. “if you're out there and you have a nice cocktail dress or a bridesmaid dress, please get a hold of one of us and we will be glad to go pick it up," said Silva.

The Quota Club is also helping some boys with tuxedo rentals next week. If you want more information about the events or if you'd like to donate, you can call 530-533-5452.


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