Local Church Begins Collecting Goods for Philippines

Nov 11, 2013 6:20 PM

One local church is beginning their efforts to help those affected by the deadly typhoon in the Philippines.

Members of Chico's Our Divine Savior church are already taking in clothing donations at their homes. They've arranged a plan with a company in Sacramento to ship the contents of a 40-foot long container to the Philippines by the end of the month. So church-goers are saying, let's fill the thing.

Less than a month ago, the Philippines was hit by a major earthquake.

Last week, the Philippines was hit again by another force of Mother Nature, a typhoon.

At least $10,000 people are feared dead.

Edgar Quiambao and his wife are from the Philippines, and are taking in donations for typhoon victims at their Chico home.

“Once the typhoon hit, it just leveled everything,” Quiambao said.

That's when Patricia and Patrick Macarthy started to think about the Filipino people, who they congregate with and met on their vacations to the Philippines.

“It started with the earthquake,” the Macarthy’s said. “And then this came on top of that and realized we had to do something.”

Our Divine Savior is collecting clothing and bedding to send to affected areas by the end of the month.

And while members of Our Divine Savior, like Quiambao, would like to fill their garages up, they'd rather you swing by their church this Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Services this weekend include Saturday Mass at 5 p.m. and Sunday Mass at 7:30, 9, and 11 a.m.

Our Divine Savior is located at 566 East Lassen Avenue, Chico.

CBS News has also compiled a list of reputable and trustworthy organizations to donate to.


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