Local Chico Man Competes on Wipeout

Jun 20, 2011 8:03 PM

It's a show full of entertainment for viewers and mostly pain for contestants as they make their way through an almost unbeatable larger than life sized obstacle course for a chance to win 50,000 dollars. Holding balance on giant red balls, being hit with heavy moving objects and falling into freezing water and mud, the show Wipeout is certainly not for the weak. And for 20 year old Chico native Andrew Deaver, it was just what he was looking for. " I really wanted to show people what I can do, cause people were like, no way, he's never going to be able to do that", said Chico relative Andrew Deaver.
But Deaver really did. He was selected to compete against 23 other contestants during the Wipeout Winter Games which aired in February. " There was a lot of tough athletic guys, so I was kind of nervous for some of them, but some of them I looked like I could take them on", explained Deaver.
Deaver did more than just take them on, he took them out, making it to the top three. Not an easy task considering the beating he took to make it to the end. " It was probably the worst pain I've ever been through, people don't realize how much it really does hurt, there's a lot of padding on there, but it comes at you with such force", said Deaver.
Deaver did so well, the show recently asked him back. He finished filming in March and the episode is due to air in July. He now holds the bragging rights as one of the few who have stared on the show twice. " Only 48 people in the world have ran the course twice, so to be one of those 48 people, it's pretty cool", explained Deaver.
Deaver isn't allowed to discuss the details of his most recent fight for the finish on Wipeout, but hopes people from his hometown are impressed. " I think I proved to people, and I think I made people proud here too", said Deaver.


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