Local Businesses Work Despite US Credit Downgrade

Aug 8, 2011 7:49 PM

Shubert's Ice Cream is a Chico household name. The business has survived and thrived in the same location for the last 74 years. But even successful business owners are worried after Standard & Poor's downgraded US credit, a first in American history. " Even as somebody who's been around since 1938, I wouldn't say that we're bullet proof, I don't think anybody is", said Shubert's co-owner Kasey Cowan.
The ice cream and candy shop is a family run business, serving the same homemade products it did decades ago,something the owners attribute to it's success. And even though the mom and pop shop isn't worried now, if the economy gets worse, changes will have to be made. " When those things happen you really have to rein in. You have to look at whatever you can cut, look at what you can do without cutting quality and quantity, without cutting customer service to your patrons", said Cowan.
It's a balancing process many business could be in, if the us market doesn't get itself back on track. " I really hope that we can maybe use this to come together and actually find a solution and start creating jobs, because if we don't have jobs, we don't have anything", Cowan explained.
And while investors keep a wary eye on Wall Street, Shubert's Ice Cream will continue to do what it does best. " We're gonna keep trucking and keep going, work longer, work harder, do everything we gotta do to keep the quality where it needs to be to continue to do what we've done for 74 years", Cowan said.


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