Local businesses prepare for Valentine's Day

Feb 13, 2014 3:33 PM

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for flower shops and candy stores, and many of them rely on the profits from this week to get them through the slower months. For many floral shops, this holiday is their big moneymaker. Christian and Johnson owner, Melissa Heringer says she expects to fill somewhere between 400-500 orders this week.

"Valentine's week, as it works out in the floral industry, helps you through the times that are a bit slower. So you can kind of work off of what you've put away from Valentine's Day to get you through the quieter months," she says.

A rush of orders means working late nights and bringing in extra sets of hands just to keep up. A lot of the orders come from online, which means floral shops have to predict what flowers they'll need ahead of time. Expressions by M & T owner, Gayle Jaarsma recommends avoiding national or generic websites for placing orders. If you're trying to save money, she says to call the store directly or go the business's local site.

"When you go online you're paying a $20-30 service fee. The money is not going to the flowers and the money is not going to our economy here in Chico," she says.

Of course what's Valentine's Day without something sweet for your sweetheart? At Joy Lyn's Candies the hot item is the chocolate covered strawberries. In the days leading up to February 14th they'll dip 1,500-2,000 strawberries. Joy Lyn's will often sell out of chocolate covered strawberries by the end of the holiday. The Paradise candy shop doubles its staff every year around this time and has to start putting out product months in advance.

Owner Bill Hartley says, "We start preparing for Valentine's Day right after Christmas, and then it's 10 hour days basically until then to get ready."

When the big day finally arrives, people flock to the small shop on the ridge. Hartley says the extra staffing definitely comes in handy when it comes to dealing with the massive crowds.

“There's no parking in the parking lot. There's a line out the door. For a little shop like this when you see record numbers, 485 people in one day, that's a lot of people coming through a small shop,” he says.

So a word to the wise, start shopping for that special someone ahead of time if you want to beat the rush. The businesses we spoke with say they will be prepared for last minute shoppers by having extra staff ready to go tomorrow.


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