Local Assistance Center opens in Red Bluff for Tehama County flood victims

Jan 6, 2015 8:05 PM by Angela Musallam

Today is the first day for Tehama County's Local Assistance Center event, geared toward helping flood victims recover from December's torrential downpour.

Multiple local and state agencies have made themselves available for victims seeking help about where to go, and what to do about their damaged property.

"We have the Franchise Tax Board that's here, we have environmental health here, we have the building department here..."

These are just some of the agencies who will be available Tuesday through Thursday to point flood victims in the right direction as they begin to recover.

For Gayle and Doug Reed of Red Bluff, it's not about their own property recovery -- Gayle's mother lost her home to the flood during the first storm in early December.

"The first time got us real hard, we got about ten inches of water inside, and had about four feet outside."

The Reeds dropped by the assistance center today to find out when they'll be in the clear to start rebuilding Gayle's mother's home.

"We've gotta mail samples of water back to Redding to the lab to get them checked and make sure that's safe and drinkable, and to make sure no more floods are coming so we can start rebuilding."

"We are here to find out our options on any help that we can get to repair the damage done to our property and home. We are also here to find a way to prevent this from happening again in the future."

Tess and her husband Jim moved to Tehama County more than 20 years ago -- they raised their home about two feet -- because they live in a flood zone.

Today they're trying to piece together the extent of the damage to their home before they can take the next step.
Turnout was a lot lower than expected, but officials are hoping word of mouth will encourage more victims to drop by over the next two days.

"So far today we've had 30 people and we estimate we had about 125 homes and businesses that were affected during the flood issue."

The Local Assistance Center is being held at 1500 South Jackson Street in Red Bluff from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Thursday.

The Small Business Association also has a table set up inside the auditorium and is offering flood victims loan services in conjunction with the California Office of Emergecny Serivces.


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