Local air conditioning business profits from summer heat

Jul 29, 2014 9:10 PM by Charlene Cheng

Jay Gibson makes his living off the North State's sweltering three digit temperatures.

"The longer the heat season, the better it is for business. If it falls below 100, the phone calls drop off dramatically. It gets 105 to 110, it just keeps escalating up," he said.

Gibson Heating & Air Conditioning has nine employees, and come summer, there isn't a lot of time to waste.

"If we can't get out there immediately, it's too late, no one waits. So with the internet, with the phone call away, we have to be able to respond within the day," Gibson said.

Management keeps a delicate balance between staying busy, without wearing out the technicians.

Times have changed.

Eight years ago, the company wouldn't have even considered taking an attic job in the summer.

"Because of the competition, we have to take whatever we can get, so what we do is that we'll set the air conditioning first and run the air conditioning in the attic, so our guys have some cooling in the attic," Gibson said.

He adds that sales don't just depend on temperatures, but also the economy.

In tough times, he does what he can to help customers save some bucks.

"One thing is that they're serviced and kept up. One of the things we find if the refrigerant levels are off, or incorrect, that can have an adverse effect on the operation, so servicing the unit is very critical, Gibson said.

Other tips include replacing old units with newer, energy efficient systems, and setting the temperature just a few degrees higher.


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