Live Fire Training: As Real As It Gets

Nov 9, 2013 6:04 PM

A group of local aspiring firefighters got the chance to train in some pretty realistic conditions Saturday.

A Durham house was donated to North State fire departments to help crews prepare for emergency situations. More than two dozen firefighters took part in the live fire training exercise.

"This prepares our firefighters for the real thing,” said Battalion Chief Rob Sonsteng, of CAL FIRE/Butte County Fire Dept. “This is real important because we don't have an opportunity to go into live structures except for when the bells rings and we start responding to an emergency.”

Ben Holliday has volunteered with Butte County Fire & Rescue for the past year and a half. His goal is to become a full-time firefighter. He says this training is the best he ever had.

“You get the best of everything when you do it like this,” he said.


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