Lions All-Star Football Preview

Jun 26, 2013 7:57 PM

In the scorching heat of the north state summer, there is always one hot sporting event that raises every football fans temperture, the Lion's All-Star football game.

Today, the media luncheon took place at the Oxford Suites in Chico, and that can only mean one thing, kickoff is on the horizon.

The time has come for the best recently graduated high school football players to hit the field.

"Oh it's fantastic, I'm definitely looking forward to it," said Mercy high's Nick Feser.

In two and half weeks, the South and the North will clash on the gridiron in the 36th annual Lions All-Star football game.

For the last 4 years the North has won the battle on the scoreboard and is looking to push that streak to five.

"It'd be cool to keep it going you know, just keep the North always on top," said Shasta high's Avery Holley.

Each year, the summer football showdown gives players just a week's worth of practice time together before it's time to defend the honor of their area.

"The kids really accept the responsibility and they do a great job and they'll make friendships that will last them a lifetime, it's really neat to see," said Darren Trueblood.

For those of you who haven't forgotten last year's Division One section title game. Once again, Paradise and Enterprise are on separate sides of the field and one player from the South sees this as an opportunity to take care of unfinished business.

"We are very excited that there's a few Enterprise players in particular that are playing and we're looking forward to playing against them and hopefully getting the last punch in," said Paradise high's Izzy Welch.

Now the 11-man game isn't the only event on display. For just the 2nd year, there will be an 8-man-all-star game, which will provide kids from smaller schools a chance to show off their skills.

"I'm happy and excited, but I'm going for the game MVP for the 8-man. We started training, we started lifting in April, you know we take this extremely seriously and I'm definitely looking forward to showing what I can do," said Feser.

But the one thing that all these all-star players have in common, they'll strap on the helmet and the pads for the final time in their high school careers.


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