Linda Man Gets Lucky.. Wins Lotto

Mar 2, 2012 7:52 PM

"I went to J&J Liquor, bought the ticket, scratched it, and it said I won." That's when 29-year-old John Ross Junior's life turned upside-down. "It just seems unreal still," he says.

Ross, who's lived in Linda his whole life, is currently unemployed and lives with his mom. He says, he's always been poor, but has dreamed of winning the lotto, his entire life. "When he was a little kid, he used to say that he was going to win the lottery," says Ross's nephew, Joey Teasley.

For the last three months, Ross says he's felt lucky, so he's been putting all he has into buying scratchers. J&J Liquor owner, Parbeep Minhas says, he couldn't believe the winning ticket came from his store. "I'm shocked," he says.

And he says, now that the word has gotten out about the big win from J&J Liquor, business is booming. "Everybody asking, they win from your store.. Yah. Ok, give me one or two tickets."

Ross won $2-million from a California Lottery 'Set for Life' scratcher, which promises $100,000.. $70,000 after taxes.. over the next 20 years. He says the first thing he wants to do, is fix his mom's car. And then move on from there. "Trying to make sure my family and friends all around me get jobs," says Ross.

Ross says, this winning is a blessing for him, and he hopes it will keep him out of trouble, where he thinks he would have been headed, otherwise.. "I wasn't going anywhere but back to prison.. Maybe this will keep me out of it."

Ross will get his first installment of $70,000 in the next 4 to 6 weeks. He says he plans on moving out of Linda and quote 'get his life together'.


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