Lightning fires in Mendocino County

Jul 26, 2015 5:31 PM

WILLOWS, Calif. – Over the past week the Mendocino National Forest has been locating and containing fires following receiving more than 350 lightning strikes Monday and Tuesday.

A total of six fires have been located and contained. All of the fires are small – 7 acres or less.

On the Grindstone Ranger District, located on the east side of the Forest, the Green Springs Fire was half an acre. The Kneecap Fire was contained this weekend at just under 7 acres.

On the Covelo Ranger District, located on the northwest side of the Forest, the Calamese and Blands Fires, each single-tree fires, were controlled early in the week.

On the Upper Lake Ranger District, located on the southwest side of the Forest, the half-acre Windy Fire was discovered late in the week and controlled Saturday. The Monkey Rock Fire was also contained at a quarter acre.

The Forest is continuing to fly daily recon looking for additional fires.

As conditions continue to dry out and warm up, firefighters anticipate discovering more lightning fires in coming days.

“We were able to catch all of these fires early and keep them relatively small due to the vigilance and hard work of our firefighters,” said Forest Fire Management Officer Curtis Coots. “With the ongoing drought, this rapid response is important not only in preserving water resources, but also reducing impacts on already stressed natural resources out in the forest.”

Forest visitors are asked to be aware of their surroundings and to be prepared for changing conditions. This includes reporting visible smoke that could be from a wildfire.

To report a fire, please call 911.


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