Life on Candy Cane Lane

Dec 25, 2014 3:19 PM by KARE

No matter your faith, a pretty cool part about this time of year is the twinkle. And if you are into that twinkle, you should check out Lincoln Avenue in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

"Oh, I am definitely a fan of Christmas," Marlyn Bacon says with a smile when asked about his work.

Bacon may have come from another time.

Specifically, he might be a giant elf misplaced by accident in Hutchinson for as much as he loves that twinkle.

Inspired by the season, Bacon started the operation to build giant lighted candy canes, but on a much smaller scale.

His first all those years ago looked more like a jumbled PVC pipe hook with duct tape on it than a cane, but visions of PVC pipes remained in his slumber until he figured out the angles and planted his first 20-foot candy cane on Lincoln Avenue.

Back then, a little boy across the way was given the task to make it twinkle.


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