Life After Boles - Part 2

Nov 12, 2014 8:28 PM by Joe Moeller

There is no cross, there is no steeple, but nearly everyday at noon at the College of the Siskyous you will find a group gathering. For now a college classroom is what some people in Weed are calling church.

The picture perfect place they all called church for so many years is gone.

"It was the most beautiful church, it was home." says Theres Styers.

Holy Family Catholic Church is one of two churches in Weed that was left in ashes. Styers watches construction crews move the bricks that once formed her place of worship. She has attended church here for a lifetime and even called Holy Family her second home.

"My mom had all of us children and we were all baptized, received communion, confirmation, I was married here, my children were baptized here, my daughter was married here, my father was buried in that church." adds Styers.

Despite the devastation and the emotions hope lives on here.

"I am getting more people at mass now and they are looking forward to the day we have a church here."

Meet Reverend Joshy Matthew, the priest at Holy Family. A transplant from India who arrived in Weed seven months ago.

"God has a bigger plan." says Mathews. "When the fire hit I just saw the fire and the wind started blowing."

The winds in Weed clocked up to 40 mph sending flames roaring through the 80-year-old church. The only thing left is the rectory, but father Mathew is still hopeful.

"In this whole disaster nobody lost life nobody was hurt."

Perhaps his transfer to Weed was a calling to help this congregation pick up the pieces.

"The reality is it is painful to not have a church, you miss them and they are a big part of the community and you don't realize it until you don't have one."

Now they need him more than ever.

"God is going to rebuild us the community is about Weed the believers and worshipers."

As time moves on so does Holy Family. Future plans are in the works to rebuild.

"We are in the process in hiring an architect then the next step is hiring a general contractor."

Father Mathews says the community will have input on the new church. The fire that destroyed is now uniting.

"We are all more united and praying harder and celebrating our faith with more life."

Until the Holy Family Catholic Church stands again Father Mathew will be teaching lessons of life in a classroom for people who are desperate to listen.


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