Life After Boles - Part 1

Nov 6, 2014 8:07 PM

On the North side of Weed tucked between the hills you will find Angel Valley. This is the little neighborhood the Boles Fire turned to ashes. Metal frames and fallen walls wait on the ground to be moved.

Some parts of the valley are ready for the next phase. Mail boxes are the only thing left, addresses are hand written on disaster clean up signs.

"It either went up in smoke, or its ash." says Holly Hansard. "I am looking at this like okay what do I do."

More than a month after the flames turned her life upside down, Hansard still digs through the rubble hoping to find anything at all.

"I have a daughter who is 13 I have memories of her here."

The home with history was turned into a part of history.

"It was built by Italians in the 1930's kind of looked like Snow White and the 7 dwarfs house a little bit."

Her property sits right in the middle of Angel Valley. She says her neighbors all came together, each knowing how each other feels.

"I had some friends help me, there was more metal debris than there is now. We were able to take loads of metal to the recycling center."

For Hansard every dollar makes a difference. She repeatedly fills up her 1981 pick up with metal and heads to the east side of town.

"At least five or six of these little truck loads maybe even seven."

Hansard seperates tin from steel, the scrap that once gave her shelter.

"I can go through the stuff and get some value. I am one of those people who didn't have house insurance so it gives me time to think as I go through this and also it gives me a few dollars you know."

By the truck load and piece by piece Hansard sells her home.

"Maybe $250 maybe even $300."

She now lives in an apartment in Central Weed, is unemployed, and her child support is what allows her to make her $400 rent. She struggled before to make ends meet, but with no home insurance rebuilding at this point would be a dream.

"My case is you know single mom, if I could pay the water bill that was good. So having the extra, since yes my house was paid for, to do the extra of house insurance it was too much."

The thought of selling the land pops into Hansard's head frequently.

"The silly thing is I even have an attachment to this pile of rubble in the front."

Hansard tries to fight the reality of what is next.

"If we put a green steak or a green ribbon on something it will tell the demolition crew not to demolish."

Hansard's home is one of the last to be cleared in Angel Valley. Her property and the house that once stood there for more than 80 years will soon be an empty dirt lot.


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