Liberty Rising Butte hosts Detroit-based nonviolent defense company

Mar 18, 2015 6:12 PM by Brian Johnson

A Butte County Libertarian group welcomed a guest speaker from Detroit today to discuss nonviolent solutions for civilians and law enforcement.

The event took place this morning at Chico's Americana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Dale Brown started Threat Management Centers more than 20 years ago in East Detroit, helping families protect themselves from violent criminals.

Brown, who teaches cops how to get the compliance they're looking for without creating a violent or deadly situation, told Action News Now his classes could have changed what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

"If the officer in Ferguson, Wilson, would have had this training, he would have seen 100 different options to not have to use fatal force in that situation, and if he projected properly, there'd be no way he'd have any kind of altercation with that individual," said Brown. "Because he would have gotten him to comply without any use of force whatsoever."

Brown uses *biomechanical* techniques to help civilians and cops escape from, control, or immobilize criminals without leaving a mark.


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