Leap Day now has special meaning to some North State residents

Mar 1, 2016 2:41 AM by Darren Leeds

It's Leap Day, February 29th, a day that happens only once every four years.
Action News Now reporter Darren Leeds shows us why Monday will hold special meaning for several north state residents, long into the future.

Leap Day is probably the rarest of dates on which things can happen.
Some people like to celebrate one extra day during the year, but for others the date will have a whole new meaning to it four years from now.

Leap Day marks the first official birthday for many people since 2012.
But for Aren Timmel and his wife Katie, it means welcoming their newest son to the family.

Timmel says, "It's pretty nice to have a baby, no matter what day it is and he seems like a perfect guy. I'm very happy and I think my wife is too."

While you can never nail down a specific date for the birth of a child, one local couple decided that this was the day for them to tie the knot.

Carrico's say, "It was going to be friday but my grandson's birthday was saturday and we didn't want to miss that. So this was the last day of the month."

The new parents say their son was actually due a few days earlier, but Aren says the boy's birthday will make him unique.

Timmel says, "We knew this was a possibility and I think it's kind of cool so nothing wrong with that. It just stands out and people will know it and he can be a little bit extra special."

Timmel says they'll celebrate their son's birthday every year on february 28th rather than waiting every four years, but for the Carrico's it's a different story.

Carrico's say, "is it going to be the 28th or the 1st? the entire week. oh i like that. and you'll never forget."

For those people born on Leap Day, some national food chains are offering up free food deals.

Pizza Hut is offering a free one-topping, personal pan pizza for customers who prove they're a Leap Day baby.


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