Layoff notices at local tech employers

Dec 31, 2013 6:40 PM

In the past year, many local companies in the north state have expanded their workforce but a couple of tech companies in Chico have recently had to lay off some employees.

Earlier today we spoke with Milestone Technologies CEO and President Prem Chand. He confirmed they laid off some employees this week with more employees who still need to be notified. The total number of employees laid off wasn't released but the number of layoffs wasn't a substantial percentage of their workforce.

Chand said the company needs to realign themselves to the volume of work that's coming in and reposition themselves for 2014. He says it was a very difficult decision and it's tough for everyone at Milestone. "We're still going to be a large employer in Chico. It's just unfortunate that this occurred and we're saddened that we even had to do it because we didn't want to do it, but our thoughts go out to the folks that got impacted and their families," said Chand.

We've also had unconfirmed reports of layoffs earlier this month at, which employs more than 300 people here in Chico. Some viewers said the layoffs were in early December. Other reports say more than 30 employees were laid off. We tried contacting but they didn't return our phone calls.

Milestone Technologies is helping those employees who were let go. They're providing a severance package as well as paying for their health insurance though January. Milestone is also working closely with the Alliance for Workforce Development to try to find work for those who lost their jobs.


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