Lawmakers criticize US law enforcement profiling guidelines

Mar 11, 2015 4:56 PM by News Staff

A California congresswoman says new Justice Department guidelines restricting federal law enforcement agencies from racial profiling, don't go far enough and have left some big holes.

U.S. Rep. Judy Chu, a Democrat who chairs the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, sent her concerns on Wednesday in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.

She was joined by leaders of the congressional black and Hispanic caucuses. The letter urges the Justice Department to remove remaining loopholes.

The new policy issued in December expanded decade-old guidelines that banned routine racial profiling.

Besides religion and national origin, the new rules ban profiling on the basis of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.

But they also include exceptions, among them exempting Homeland Security agents responsible for screening at airports and at the nation's borders.

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