Law Enforcement Out in Full Force for Chico Halloween Weekend

Oct 28, 2011 10:09 PM

Halloween weekend in downtown Chico typically looks like chaos.. That's why Chico Police have been preparing for months, for this weekend. Chico Police Sgt. Billy Aldridge says, "We always plan for the worst and obviously hope for the best."

The Chico Police Department will be out in full force Friday through Sunday night, along with help from 8 other agencies in the area. Which means more than 100 police officers will be on patrol. "We're going to have some extra event teams in different parts of the city.. We're going to have the mounted enforcement team out.. We're going to have our major crime unit out," Sgt. Aldridge says.

The city's holiday glass-ban will also be in effect this weekend.. As well as a zero tolerance for fighting or alcohol offenses. And while rules may be a stricter some college students welcome a strong police presense. Chico State Junior Jocelyn Fiset says, "I kind of like it because sometimes it gets pretty scary out there in the dark.. So it's nice to know there are actually people out there looking out for us."

Another Chico resident, Matt Stephenson, says it's still possible to have a good time without getting out of hand. "Be safe, be cool, and just have respect for each other."

Which is exactly what Chico Police are hoping for this holiday weekend. Sgt. Aldridge says, "We want everyone to go out and have a lot of fun.. We encourage that.. But we want you to do it safely and within the law."


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