Latest News on Caper Acres

Sep 9, 2013 9:31 PM

Community members are trying to help keep Caper Acres open. Its been three weeks since ServPro helped get Caper Acres back to its normal hours and now the company is discussing weather it can help keep the playground open an extra month. ServPro originally gave the city enough money to keep the park open through October first. The city public works director says, while the money is welcomed more community support will be needed. If you would like to help fund the park you can contact the public works director at the city building on Main Street.

Also regarding the park, Its been less than two weeks after a tree branch fell and hit a Chico state student killing her, another fallen tree branch has forced the closure of Chico's most popular children's park. The 30-foot limb fell early Monday morning from an oak tree into the Caper Acres play area. The city had a crew remove the limb and also inspect other trees within the park to make sure no other branches will fall. No one was near the limb when it fell. According to the city public works director, they hope to have Caper Acres back open on Tuesday.


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