Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Dec 24, 2011 9:33 PM

The clock is ticking for last minute shoppers to complete their Christmas shopping lists...many haven't even begun and Christmas is less than 24 hours away. Jcpenney employee Frank Alcaraz says, "Today what we have is a lot of gentlemen in here buying last minute gifts, a little bit slower, people are traveling so but last minute gifts and mostly men in the store."

Not everyone is stressed out this year, many took care of the shopping task early so they could enjoy the holiday. Chico resident Kristy Edmonds say, "I do try to get things done early just because I'm not into the hustle bustle of things I rather things go more smoothly and just enjoy the season more."

But for others, it's the thrill of the game,searching for that perfect last minute gift while the clock ticks.

Forest Ranch resident John Barbour says, "I like to go out, it's kinda fun to be around the hustle and bustle and see whats going on and just enjoy people shop."

While many have the day of shopping all planned out, for others it's just a mad rush to buy a present in time.

Red Bluff resident Rachelle Nunez says, "Do you have like a strategy at all planned or did you come in with a list of people and get it done. I'm just getting it done whatever i see, i think I'll get it."

But shopping isn't the only thing to do on the list, after buying the presents, many still need to be sent off.

Chico resident Jimmy Hansen says, "I shipped stuff to my brother and mom in Fresno, I gotta do that today too. Yes I'm a last minute shopper."

Even Jcpenney employees have to grab a few last minute gifts before closing...

Jcpenney employee Margot Dellgado says, "To be honest with you no I haven't finished all my christmas shopping but the two things I have to get are here in the store so I'm lucky at that one."

For many, waiting until the last minute is part of the fun. For others it's a case of bad timing, either way, most will agree being prepared will help the day of shopping go a lot smoother.

John Barbour says, "If your not looking for anything special its easy but if your looking for something specific it's a little more difficult."


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