Last Minute Holiday Shoppers Brave Cold Weather

Dec 18, 2010 8:10 PM

Holiday shoppers braved the cold for the last weekend before Christmas. With only six days left, there's a lot to be done. Magalia Resident, Kylie Lynch says, "Yah it's pretty cold, but we can get through it." Chico Resident, Kirrin Peart says, "I sat at home wondering if I should get up and go but I figured it wasn't raining yet so I should take advantage of it."

CalFire, Chico Fire and Police, and Caltrans Officials were all pleasantly surprised at how the storm passed mildly. 40 mile an hour winds and heavy rains were expected, but certainly not the case over night. Although stormy weather was expected to be much worse, the storm of shoppers inside seemed to be much more unpleasant. Paradise Resident, Mariah Boulant says, "I hate in the isles when it's always crowded and you can never get by anybody." Paradise Resident, Kylee Shipman says, "The lines, you have to wait in line."

But packed parking lots and windy weather couldn't keep shoppers away from the number one gift of the season. Kylee says, "Ipad and iphone 4." Kylie says, "I think maybe ipods." Kirrin says, "Definitely electronics. I think ipod touches, ipads." Mariah says, "I think it's the ipad and the iphone 4.


he push of shoppers will continue right up to Christmas. Toys "R" Us will be open 6a.m. till midnight for the remainder of the week. This gives all last minute shoppers a chance to find what their looking for at all hours. Because one out of three shoppers say they're still only halfway done with their Christmas shopping.


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