Lassen Volcanic to begin Northwest Gateway Restoration Project

Jan 31, 2014 1:10 PM

Lassen Volcanic National Park Officials plan to take advantage of the low snow levels to start work on the Northwest Gateway Forest Restoration Project. This is a fuel reduction project focused on the northwest corner of the park were current conditions pose a severe risk for fire.

The park plans to utilize mechanized equipment to reduce live understory and ladder fuels in the popular recreation area to reduce fuel density.

“One hundred years of fire exclusion in Lassen Volcanic National Park has resulted in overly dense and unhealthy forest areas,” stated Park Superintendent Darlene M. Koontz. “In the absence of surface fires, shade-tolerant white fir have formed dense thickets crowding out old growth pines, aspen stands, and understory shrub and grass vegetation. The process will reduce old-growth mortality rates, promote a more varied stand structure, and restore and protect wildlife habitat.”

The project comprises of six specific areas totaling nearly 2145 acres and is scheduled to begin next week pending weather. If a significant amount of snow does arrive in the park, the project will be postponed for the season.

No trail or facility closures are expected in light of this project, but visitors may see and hear the work in the Manzanita Lake area.


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