Lassen Volcanic National Park and Whiskeytown Recreation Area to implement fee increase

May 8, 2015 5:38 PM by News Staff

Lassen Volcanic National Park and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area are both set to raise entrance fees next month.

Starting on June 1, the National Parks will implement an increase for entrance and camping fees.

Visitors who purchase an annual pass can use the pass at both Whiskeytown and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Camping Fees are increasing at Lassen Volcanic from $2 - $6 per site. Camping fees at Whiskeytown are increasing from $1 - $10 per site/day use area. Starting in December 2015, Lassen Volcanic will have a new winter seasonal pass available for $10.00.

According to park officials, the Whiskeytown recreation fees have gone towards renovations, sidewalks and bear-proof food lockers, among other things. The Lassen fees have allowed for the reopening of Butte Lake Campground and trail repairs.


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