Large marijuana oil lab busted in Magalia

Jan 9, 2014 6:21 PM

It was a morning Marty Foster says he'll never forget.

“I knew something was going on and it wasn’t good,” he said.

Early Wednesday, Foster saw a sheriff driving near his house in Magalia and then he got a call from his neighbor.

“He told me the story about cooking oil over there and a lot of propane tanks involved,” he said.

Propane tanks used to make butane honey oil--a processed and very potent form of marijuana. The bust happened on the 13000 block of Nimshew Road in Magalia. That's where Butte County Sheriffs made a major bust and found a laundry list of drugs and drug making equipment.

During the search sheriffs found more than four-and-a-half pounds of honey oil, over 185 pounds of pot, half a pound of psilocybin mushrooms and two firearms.

And this big bust, however, doesn't really surprise Foster.

“We've had a lot of marijuana growers up here,” he said. “It smells like a skunk going down the road but that’s not a skunk; that’s weed.”

Sheriffs have not made any arrests in this case but they do have suspects.


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