Landscapers Give Holiday Makeover

Dec 26, 2013 5:45 PM

A local landscaping company added some curb appeal to an Oroville church Thursday.

“Every year we look to give back to the community,” said Sal Rodriguez, owner of Sal Rodriguez Landscapes.

And this year, this was Rodriguez's gift back to his community: “We’re doing a bunch of tree pruning, plant replacement, irrigation repair, aerating, reseeding and top soil dressing,” he said.

Rodriguez and his crew gave St. Thomas Church in Oroville a landscape makeover. And while the work was tough, Rodriguez says he hopes it inspires others to take better care of their area.

“I think if everyone gives back at their own personal level I think the community could be a better place to live in,”

Over the years, Rodriguez has worked for both Butte County Sheriffs and Oroville Police and he's also seen the area change for the worse.

“There’s a lot of new growth in the community,” he said. “And sometimes criminals are attracted to that kind of growth.”

Rodriguez is now trying to clean up his hometown through a labor of love.

“Curb appeal is everything,” he said. “If people see the town of Oroville is beautiful it puts us right up there with Roseville and Rocklin--the higher end community--and that’s what we want to attract to this community.”


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