Lake Oroville's low water levels raise concerns

Jan 6, 2014 6:35 PM

Lake Oroville is only a third full, well below its historic average. This big drop in water has raised several concerns.

“See this dock wouldn't even be here,” said Bill Harper, general manager of Bidwell Canyon Marina. “All this stuff is supposed to be in the back.”

It's tough times for Lake Oroville; water levels are at the lowest they've been in years and that means crews have had to adjust to help keep both boats and business afloat.

“We've had to tear apart our marina and move a lot of the marina itself into Loafer Creek,” Harper said. “It's a huge impact. All this stuff moves up the hill. We've moved about 1,700 feet.”

To help things get back on track, crews have moved boats and equipment. They've also added hundreds of feet of steel cable to hold everything in place.

All this labor is very expensive and if the weather doesn't improve soon it could cost a whole lot more.

“A least a quarter of a million dollars and that’s if we do get rain,” Harper said. “Who knows what it will cost if it keeps staying dry. So let’s hope for the best.”


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