Lake Oroville levels remain at nearly 100 percent

Apr 26, 2016 12:14 PM by News Staff

The water continues to rise in Lake Oroville and there's not much room left.

The Department of Water Resources shows the lake level above 889-feet, that's less than 11-feet from the top.

The lake looks to be full and that means good news for boaters and others who just come out for the view.

Visitors seeing the lake for the first time in a while are shocked at what it looks like now compared to just a couple months ago.

"What a difference, it was just a mud hole before almost, and now it's just wonderful,” said Steve Fredericks, a Lake Oroville boater. “I'm glad they let it come up as high as they did. We're up to par now and I think what little snow pack is still up in Truckee and that area I think is just going to keep us good for another 30, 40 days."

About the only thing to complain about now is the amount of driftwood floating in the lake.

Because the water level rose so quickly and is higher than it’s been in four years, dead trees that used to be high up on the bank are now in the water.

California State Parks Department workers are spending their days gathering the logs and other debris and removing them from launch areas around the lake.


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