Lake levels leave houseboat owners high and dry

Apr 15, 2015 8:29 PM

Lake Oroville's levels are expected to hit historic lows again, as we enter a fourth year of drought.
The lake holds hundreds of house boats, but some may have to face another year, high and dry.

Bidwell Canyon Marina sent out a letter to their mooring customers asking them to consider removing their house boats.

Lake Oroville is home to almost 800 house boats. While some get to spend the summer out on the water, others will sit in triple digit heat on wooden blocks. The current level of Lake Oroville is just 763 feet.

Management didn't want to speak on camera however they say response to the letter has been fairly positive. They say safety is their main concern. As lake levels lower, and the canyon narrows, access to the marina gets difficult .

Last year 60 houseboats voluntarily removed or stayed out of Lake Oroville. This year they're hoping for 70. If they don't get 70 by mid summer, they'll be forced to do a mandatory removal. Houseboats will be picked at random through a lottery system.

Those who voluntarily remove their houseboats will get 50% off their mooring fees.


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