Lake Almanor man emerges as focus of Reno shooting

Dec 19, 2013 11:48 AM

UPDATE (3:50 p.m.)- RENO, Nev. (AP) - Police say a suspect left a suicide note at his home and claimed he had botched surgery three years ago before opening fire at a Reno hospital this week, killing a doctor and himself.

Police didn't outline a motive but the new details could give a fuller picture of why the urology clinic was targeted.

Two other people were wounded.

Reno police also confirmed Thursday that the shooter was 51-year-old Alan Oliver Frazier of Plumas County, Calif.

Police say Frazier had a surgery in 2010 and claimed to have adverse symptoms because of it.

But it was not immediately clear if the unspecified procedure was performed at Urology Nevada, the site of the shooting on Tuesday, or if either of the two doctors who were shot had been involved in the operation.

RENO, NEV. (AP) - A 51-year-old man from rural Northern California has emerged as the focus of the investigation into a Reno hospital shooting.

Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood says his agency helped Reno police execute a search warrant Wednesday at the home of Alan Oliver Frazier near Lake Almanor.

Reno police have not confirmed whether Frazier was the gunman who shot three people and killed himself at a urology clinic this week. They have been trying to notify next of kin before releasing a name.

Reno police say there was only one suspect in the shooting.

Hagwood says Frazier lived alone and had no significant contact with law enforcement in about two decades living in Plumas County.

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