Lack of rain may close Sycamore Pool for the season

Jul 16, 2015 9:52 PM by Pedro Quintana

Sycamore Pool could close for the summer because Big Chico Creek is drying up sooner than expected, according to City of Chico officials.

Dan Efseaff, director of the park division says the pool could close as soon as early August because the water has dropped to near winter levels.

"If the water level drops a lot it gets really warm, the algae builds up, we can't keep up with that build up with our cleaning so we may look at closing the pool earlier," Efseaff said.

Sycamore Pool usually closes by the month of October, but officials say the lack of rain is a major factor in the pools closure.
"Part of the creek being operated as if it would be a pool would go back to a creek," he said.

Efseaff says lifeguards would have to end their season early and residents would be required to swim at their own risk.

Efseaff says his department will consider opening the pool during the weekends when college students return to campus for the fall semester because of the high number they see during the back to school weekend.


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