Lack of police leaves business worried

Jan 15, 2014 1:20 AM

The lack of police officers in Chico has some businesses worried. They feel the shortage is creating an opportunity for thieves to get away with their crimes.

After a local business had a credit card stolen from them, they called Chico PD to make a report. The response they got from the police was not what they expected. Justin Moore is the owner of Two Men and A Truck in Chico. A week before Christmas, a company card was stolen and they had no idea. "We're alerted a few weeks later by the credit card company that the card was stolen. We contacted Chico PD at that time and we're given the information that they do not investigate fraud which was a little bit concerning," said Moore.

Moore decided to do his own investigating and they contacted some of the local businesses where the fraudulent charges were made. “Come to find out our manager knows most of Chico, it seems like, and they were very willing and happy to help us. It took a little bit to get the tapes from the stores because they have to go through corporate and that stuff but we finally got it a few days later," explained Moore.

With the budget cuts in the city, Moore is worried the thieves will become bolder. "It kind of perpetuates itself because with petty theft and the credit card fraud, they know they're not getting looked after or being looked into so they might graduate to bigger stuff down the road." He wants people to know if this kind of thing happens to them, they can take some extra steps to help find the crook. "I would definitely say to do some investigation on your own. Contact the stores. They’re more than happy to assist if they have the capabilities with the video or whatever. At least you have a face. Maybe it'll be someone you know or maybe not. Facebook and social media is a great way to get it out there."

Chico PD is planning on hiring 5 more officers this year to help with their shortage. If you have any information on this case, you’re asked to call Two Men and A Truck in Chico or call Chico PD.


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