Labor Day Laborers

Sep 6, 2010 7:38 PM

Most people are enjoying their day off for Labor Day with family and friends, but some are still forced to work. And while working on a holiday may not be a dream come true, most businesses who remain open say the extra flow of customers is appreciated. "It helps pay the bills and everyone wants more money so when you get this kind of business coming in it just helps to improve things" said owner of Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works Peter Horylev.
Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works in downtown Chico says Labor Day Weekend proves to be one of it's busiest of the year. The same rings true for the T. Tea Bar & Fusion Café, where employees say working the holiday doesn't bother them a bit. "I don't mind it cause we actually get busier on the weekend so it's kind of fun to see everyone coming in, they're coming in from floating and having fun and it's kind of cool that they come to us" said T. Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe employee Ashley Higbee.
While many businesses are serving the public for the holiday, the Chico Olive Garden was serving up some free meals for Enloe Medical Center employees. A gesture made to say thank you for a job well done over the busy Labor Day weekend. "The E.R. does so much for us in our community and especially this weekend, we just felt the need to give back to them" said Olive Garden Culinary Manager Michael Fair.
And after working the long holiday, this act of kindness is a welcomed with gratitude. "The Olive Garden, we are very thankful for this recognition and what a wonderful treat for these folks who've been been working a very long weekend" said Enloe Medical Center Administrator Laura Hennum.
The Chico Olive Garden prepared meals for close to 40 Enloe Medical Center employees, both lunch and dinner were delivered for the staff. More than 700 Olive Garden Restaurants in the U.S. Celebrated Labor Day by delivering meals to hundreds of fire stations, police departments and hospital emergency rooms.


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